5 Most Popular Blackjacks Game Varieties to Play Online

5 Most Popular Blackjack Game Varieties to Play Online

Blackjacks is one of the most popular and most played casino games, both in the brick and mortar casino establishments and online sites. Over the years, this casino game has earned massive support from many casino patrons, even for beginners. It may result from its uncomplicated game guidelines that require minimum skill and adeptness that many casino players like it.

The online platform has created dozens of game varieties for this classic favorite, a product of innovation and advancements. You can now play Blackjack in many forms, with just a few thrilling tweaks to its guidelines. Here are five popular Blackjack game varieties you can play online.

1. Blackjacks Switch

Blackjacks Switch

This variation is probably the most famous Blackjack feature, featuring the most innovative version of the classic game. Since its introduction in 2009, casino fans have already raved about this variety.

Blackjack switch offers new guidelines, such as allowing players to switch cards to make their hands stronger. Compared with the classic variation, this Blackjack version also highlights a decent range of side bets, purposely for increased entertainment value. In this version, you can also play both hands simultaneously.

2. European Blackjack

As the name suggests, this game is the European adaptation of Blackjack, which also gained popularity worldwide. The only difference of this adaptation from the classic version is that players start with only one card face up than two in the classic one. It also does not let the player draw its second card until all players in the table get their first cards. This version is most famous in land-based casinos, although online casino players can also enjoy it in online platforms.

3. Double Attack Blackjacks

If you are looking for a Blackjack version with high RTP, Double Attack Blackjack is for you. In this variation, you will have 8 Spanish decks without the 10s. An excellent feature of this game is it allows you to have a “double attack bet” or double your bet if you think that the dealer has bad hands. This feature will enable you to reach up to 200 to 1 return, increasing your winning chances.

4. 21 Duel

21 Duel is another unique version of Blackjack. In this game, the Blackjack is essentially 3 cards that sum up to 21. You will be given one card face-up at the beginning of the game, with two of the dealers’ cards facing down. There are also two communal cards put at the center of the table, available for both player and dealer. You can use a combination of one or two cards with the communal cards at the center.

5. Live Blackjack With Real Dealers

Blackjacks Dealer

As they say, nothing beats the original. If you still want the classic Blackjack but cannot visit your local casino, the Live Blackjack variation played with live dealers in your favorite online casinos might be the answer. This version follows the classic rules and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about confusing game variations.

The online casino industry never stops in creating innovations to satisfy the needs of its customers better. Every day, you will see an additional game title, a new reason to keep you amused. If the classic game variety of your favorite games like Blackjack already bores you, you can try playing dozens more of new selections in your chosen casino site.

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