Exotic cats


Exotic Cats is a Microgaming slot machine that has been emulating for over ten years. It uses random number generators for each spin of the wheel. This is one of few Microgaming machines that doesn’t have a secret formula. It’s pure luck on the part of the slot machine, no skill required. This slot is the only one of its kind to offer guaranteed returns.

Exotic Cats is similar to other slot games in that it offers many different reels with the option to change the number of in-game currencies on each reel. It has as many reels as does the regular version of the game. This makes it the only casino game that allows players to choose between a high-paying symbols for every spin of the wheel. The big difference between this slot and others is that while other versions of the game have a limited range of symbols that can be used, Exotic Cats has as many as ninety-two possible symbols to be used on the reels.

There are many advantages to playing Exotic Cats. Unlike other casino games where a player has to hit on certain symbols in order to win real money, this version of the game requires no such strategy. Also, due to the random number generator, a player will never know what number will come up next. This means that while any number from one to nine may come up during a spin of the wheel, there’s no guarantee that any particular symbol will be the winning one.

The mechanics of Exotic Cats are similar to many other slot games. A player starts by selecting a value from one hundred to nine hundred, depending on whether the jackpot has not been reached by the time the game ends and the starting player has already folded. Once the starting hand has been dealt, players can place any number of freely onto their spinner. The starting hand can be dealt again and any number that was previously picked off the deck can be brought out into play. After all numbers are made into play on the spinner, the player is still free to fold if they have yet to reach a win point. If they have reached a win point, the game ends and the results are immediately announced.

Some of the differences that Exotic Cats has over other similar games are that it has more of an actual element to it. Players can pay real money to get a custom logo printed on to their cat’s collar. This logo represents their status on the site and can help to get more customers. As well, players can actually “customize” their own wild cats by choosing a color, type of fur and more. All these choices are to add to the Exotic Cat’s experience.

The biggest difference Exotic Cats slots has over other similar games is that it has a much richer and more unique gameplay experience. Players are not just spinning a wheel hoping they hit something. On every spin they have the opportunity to interact with the virtual feline and learn more about them. From their natural tendencies to their hunting habits, these characters can all be researched and understood within the game.

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