King Kong Fury


King Kong Fury is an awesome arcade style, online casino game. It's very much like the classic arcade game of Donkey Kong, but instead of chasing Kong through the jungle, you're chasing money through slot machines. This makes the game a lot more realistic, as if you were really stuck on an island with Kong and a few other angry monkeys. I've always enjoyed this game, and I'm sure it'll be just as fun for you once you get started.

King Kong Fury features a great deal of the familiar visuals that you'd see in a video slot machine, like the paylines, icons, & backgrounds. The graphics are extremely cool, with an awesome jungle background, some very scary-looking animals on the paylines, and an ominous, creepy score to go along with it. The one thing that sets King Kong Fury apart from other video slot games, though, is the way you play the slots. Rather than just pulling a “power surge” and hitting a big jackpot, you play by earning credits, & upgrading your machines to earn even more credits.

There are three kinds of credits to keep upgrading: blue, purple, & gold. By earning enough of them, you can easily turn a machine from a guaranteed payline machine to a guaranteed payout machine (provided you play long enough to rack up the credits). These gold bars are what make the real money in King Kong Fury. They can be collected throughout the course of a game, although you'll want to avoid collecting them near paylines, since if you do, you'll lose all of your points. There are other tricks to earning these tons of coins, including: playing with a maximum bet and number of coins at the same time (perfect for maxing out your credits), playing with certain combinations of coins on a single machine (the highest & best combinations will award you with coins), & win a match in King Kong form (you get coins based on how many times you win a match).

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