Have you ever heard of the famous Pachinko? If not, then you will after you watch one of those amazing Pachinko tournaments. Pachinko is so unique that it may actually be considered as the world’s smallest sports. Imagine a combination of an electronic slot machine, an old-fashioned pinball game and an old arcade game and you will still very close to what Pachinko truly is. The truth is, these machines are popping up all over the place nowadays, from high-end land-based casinos to small novelty shops.

So what is Pachinko exactly? According to the Japanese term, it is a game played with coins (called kaishu). In a nutshell, the objective of the game is to “chop” (punch) the numbers in the allotted time. Like in slot machines, the object of the game is also to get the right “chop” in the allotted period of time. In this regard, it may be likened to a computer game — the player has to hit the right button on the screen in order to win.

Now, aside from being a gambling game, many experts also suggest that it can also be a good time-pass for some. This is because playing this casino game makes one forget about everyday stress and troubles. Some experts also suggest that playing this game can relieve tension and depression. In fact, some doctors even recommend this sport for patients who are bedridden or for those who suffer from chronic pain because it helps them strengthen their muscles and reduce the spasms associated with such diseases. In fact, many therapists suggest playing Pachinko as a means of reducing stress and tension.

Aside from all these, there are other interesting facts related to this Japanese game. For example, it is believed that it originated in Japan. In the 17th century, a shoji lamp, a lantern, was put up at a Chinese tea house. The people at the tea house began playing the game. Since the game took off in Japan, today there are numerous places where players can play. In fact, in many parts of Japan, especially in the countryside, it is customary to have a pachinko parlor where players can spend hours playing this exciting game.

In addition to having a relaxing time with family and friends, playing a game like pachinko can also help you earn money. The best part about this is that in the early years of its development, the machine was developed to rake in profits. It was not long until businessmen and merchants began placing their bets in this simple and inexpensive game machine. Today, a parlor is a common place for gambling enthusiasts to gather.

Aside from the different types of machines that can be found in a pachinko parlor, players can also choose which machine they would like to play on. There are four types of machines – the basic, mid, high and extra spin. Basic machines feature two circular disks that spin in an upright position. Mid spin machines feature three circular disks while the high spin machines have five spinning disks. The extra spin machines feature one spinning disk while two other ones spin in an opposite direction from the player. Players have many options when choosing which machine they will play with.

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